President’s Welcome

Welcome to the Tennessee Counseling Association!  This is an organization that exists for the betterment of the counseling profession and all those that we serve.  TCA has been at the heart and sole of my professional career and I am beyond honored to give back to TCA for all that is has given to me.

The TCA Governing Council is currently preparing for fall meeting at the upcoming TCA Conference.  We had an incredibly productive summer meeting and have been working all fall on our yearly goals.  It will be great to check in with our leaders to check in our goals, offerings, and strategic plans.  At the center of all of our events is looking at our membership needs and work hard to address the needs of counselors and the clients we serve.

I look forward to serving in the President’s role this year and am honored to be surrounded by an incredible leadership team.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Kat Coy
TCA President. 2016-17

Message from TCA President, Kat Coy

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