Our profession is impacted at local, state and federal levels. We represent the voice of Tennessee counselors at each of those levels. Stay up to date with how you can affect public policy.
Just like the rest of our work, it all starts with the Relationship. Get to know your elected officials. Download the GoVoteTN app to find out who your elected officials are, who is on upcoming ballots and voter information. Your officials represent you. Make sure you let them know what you think, what you care about.

Local Initiatives

  • School Boards
  • City Councils

State Initiatives

  • Find My Representative
  • Department of Education
  • Upcoming Legislation
  • Board of Licensed Professional Counselors

Federal Initiatives

  • Medicare Coverage for LPCs & LMFTs
  • School Counselors & ESSA
  • Tricare Reimbursement

National Initiatives

  • LPC License Portability
  • ASCA National Standards
  • Coaching Standardization


Ways to Effectively Affect Public Policy

  1. It starts with a relationship.
    Get to know your officials. They can only represent you if they know you and what you stand for. Call them, visit them while they are at home in their districts, attend their functions and invite them to your functions. A school or facility tour will help them understand the work you do and the environment you work in better.
  2. Visit, Call, Email, in that order.
    When something is up for debate, let your representative know what you think about it. Visits are best, but if you can’t make it in person, a phone call works well, too. Emails are much less effective, but better than nothing.
  3. Vote.
    Make sure that you are actively engaged in selecting our representatives. Make sure your representatives know that you are actively engaged. It matters that they see you as someone who is informed and is active.
  4. Be Polite.
    When we passionately disagree with people, it can be easy to forget to be polite. In fact, in the current political climate, being polite is often viewed negatively. That does not change the fact that we are counselors and we value the dignity of all humans and we should behave accordingly – even when we passionately disagree.



Resources for current Tennessee Legislation (updated 1/2017): 

To help you with your phone calls and meetings with your legislators, we have put together some resources. We are providing a variety of options, so don’t feel you need to know all of them. We are just giving you options.  Find your legislator here.

1. We highly recommend that you watch this video of the Tennessee Licensing Board. You will garner an understanding of the Board’s position, in addition to a variety of viewpoints from counselors who spoke. All counselors were against the bill. Click here.
2. TCA – Talking Points SB1
3. One Counselor’s Reflection on SB1: Position Paper on SB0001

1. TCA – Talking Points for SB4 – Talking Points SB4
2. One Counselor’s Reflection on SB4: PublicSchoolCounselorSB4
3. Why do we need Social Emotional Learning – we think these facts speak to how important it is in Tennessee. Perhaps this will get your legislators attention. Social Emotional TN Facts

Veterans' Mental Health Advocacy

As licensed clinicians in Tennessee, let’s take the lead nationally in stepping up to solve this alarming crisis of veterans’ mental health care in our country.  We are creating a website that will give veterans a place to locate licensed clinical counselors who have graciously agreed to be part of the solution.