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TCA Members,

I write to you this morning with very unfortunate news and want to keep our membership updated, as quickly as possible.  Yesterday, legislation was filed by the Senate stating that state boards cannot reference a national code of ethics in their rules, such as the code of ethics of the American Counseling Association.  This direct language by the Senate targets the code of ethics that the ACA has spent 50 years shaping and ratifying.

We have an emergency board meeting called for Wednesday night where we will discuss our plan of action.  We will absolutely need all of our membership to mobilize to help voice your opinion on this legislation.  If you were at the conference, you heard both Lisa Henderson and I express our hopes for members to stand beside one another, mental health or school counselor, to represent the needs of the clients that counselors serve, regardless of specialty.  The impact of this bill would mean counselors could turn even more clients away, with unclear and safely analyzed principles to guide decisions.

The people who need our services can’t afford to wait, as they are often underserved, scared to ask for help, and with limited resources.

Please stay tuned for more information!

Kat Coy

TCA President

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