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I am writing to you today to make a plea to please contact your legislators regarding two bills: SB1 and SB4. In this email, we are providing a pep talk and resources. You can do this!

Are you scared to contact your Senator? Admit it – I did! Though this might surprise those of you who have met me, calling my Senator and setting up a meeting was an anxiety-filled experience for me. However, I still did it! Please watch this video as I walk you through my experience meeting with my Senator.

Resources for current Tennessee Legislation (updated 1/2017):

To help you with your phone calls and meetings with your legislators, we have put together some resources. We are providing a variety of options, so don’t feel you need to know all of them. We are just giving you options. Find your legislator here.

1. We highly recommend that you watch this video of the Tennessee Licensing Board. You will garner an understanding of the Board’s position, in addition to a variety of viewpoints from counselors who spoke. All counselors were against the bill. Click here.
2. TCA – Talking Points on SB1
3. One Counselor’s Reflection on SB1: Position Paper on SB0001

1. TCA – Talking Points for SB4 – Talking Points SB4
2. One Counselor’s Reflection on SB4: Public School Counselor SB4
3. Why do we need Social Emotional Learning – we think these facts speak to how important it is in Tennessee. Perhaps this will get your legislators attention.Social Emotional TN Facts


**A giant thank you to all of the members that helped us compile the above resources and statements – seriously, thank you!**

Please stay tuned for more information coming your way on this topic.  In particular, there will be an Advocacy Workshop on 2/9/17, hosted at Vanderbilt University.  This will be in preparation for our “Love Your Legislator” Day on the Hill on 2/14/17.  

Kat Coy

MS | 

Tennessee Counseling Association 

Lisa Henderson 



Tennessee Counseling Association 

President-Elect and Public Policy and Legislation Chair

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