TCA Members Bundy, Coy, and Hogan Present at ACA

Incorporating Reach Higher principles in Counselor Education through an Engaging Course Offering

TCA Members: Michael Bundy, Kat Coy, and Malee Hogan

Following the recommendations of the Council of National School Counseling and College Access Organizations, the Counseling Department of Carson-Newman University launched a new graduate course. “Counseling Students for College Access and Success” has become a highly-regarded course to incorporate college and career readiness into all aspects of K-12 school counseling programs. We will outline the inception, curriculum, and importance for this class in all counselor education programs.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will explore the Reach Higher initiative with specifics on how it impacts school counselor pre-service training.
  2. Participants will analyze the research behind the college readiness movement to include more training on developing knowledge and skills in counseling K-12 students for post-secondary education.
  3. Participants will examine how to design a college and career readiness course that extends training beyond the traditional career development counseling course.
  4. Participants will discover the benefits of a pre-service school counselor training course on the success of their students and graduates.


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