Welcome to the 60th Annual Tennessee Counseling Association conference! This is where all counselors in the state of Tennessee can come together to engage with one another, network, and learn from some of the best in our field. Regardless of your work setting, if you are a counselor in Tennessee, we have a seat with your name on it.

Our theme this year is United We Stand. These three words mean much more than the sum of this phrase’s parts. As we look across our work settings we see that the more of us who support social, emotional and mental wellbeing the better we can do our jobs and the more effective we can be. As we look at our industry, the more partnership we can develop among counselors, health care providers, first responders, government agencies, technology and business the more people we can reach. And as we look across our society, the more leaders and organizations that elevate people to be their best and do their best through systems and processes that promote health and resilience the more positive impact can be achieved. We all have a role to play, and when we play that role well in concert with others who play their parts well everyone benefits. Pick any analogy you like, no one player on the team does as well as she could without her teammates doing their part to the best of their ability.

One of my favorite things about conference is getting to spend time with my friends from across the state and some who come from other states. I’ve made some wonderful work connections at conference and I’ve developed some dear friendships that I truly cherish. And most of all, I am so honored to see the connections you, our attendees, make with one another and with speakers whose message touches you.

Our conference experience is also more than the value of the continuing education. The relationships that are created and nurtured through conference is what allows us to Stand United.

Conference falls on Veteran’s Day, allowing us the opportunity to formally thank our veterans who have dedicated their lives to protecting us and the freedoms we enjoy. We believe it is important to take care of all those who need it, and especially those who have been physically, mentally or emotionally injured during their service to all of us. With that in mind, TCA has joined with TNAMFT and other mental health professionals in the Veteran’s Mental Health Advocacy project. More details are available on our website and at conference.

I look forward to seeing you at conference!


Lisa Henderson, LPC-MHSP
TCA President


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