Melanoma on the scalp
Melanoma on the scalp

Melanoma on Scalp – Symptoms, Causes of Melanoma on The Scalp

It is certainly difficult to detect some of the unusual activity on our scalp due to the lesser visibility and harder reach. We usually don’t get the chance of taking a perfect care of our scalp due to our tough schedules and unsorted work system.

Even though those people who take the perfect the care of their scalp or hair, are unable to find any changing activity due to the lack of information. Today, we will be shedding light on one of such substances called as the Melanoma on Scalp.

Majority of the people are unaware of the term ‘Melanoma’ and it’s hard for them to understand that our scalp is capable of developing the substance, if not taken proper care of. The common perception states that Melanoma is a small black mole or spot which is usually visible.

People with the past history of melanoma expects to get affected by the substance and usually expect that it would appear on the prominent parts of our skin such as arms, legs or shoulders.

The recent study indicates that Melanoma can easily be developed at hard to reach areas or the areas which cannot easily be self-examined such as the scalp or spinal area of the neck.

If you are interested in learning about the causes of Melanoma on Scalp, the initial symptoms and the expected treatment process then, continue to read on!

What is Melanoma?

Melanoma is usually classified as one of the most dangerous and unrepaired forms of the skin cancers. It has been reported that Melanoma on scalp tends to function entirely different as compared to the Melanoma on other parts of the skin. According to the Neil Osterweil, Melanoma on scalp consists of the higher survival chances as compared to the Melanoma on shoulder and neck.




Formation of Melanoma on Scalp

Melanoma starts its formation with the melanocytes which are classified as the melanin-producing cells residing under the bottom layer of the skin. The bottom layer is called the stratum which consists of the melanocytes cells. The melanocytes in human are not only divided into two major categories i.e. epidermis or the hair follicles. The cells of Melanocytes are also formed in the Mucosa. If we dig deeper into the functional capabilities of Melanocytes then, it basically plays a crucial role in pigmenting the skin and changing its color in a totally unidentical manner.

Melanocytes not only contribute in the skin pigmentation, it also aims to disturb the overall production and work mechanism of the melanin. When melanin in the human body got disturbed then, it leads to the to the formation of moles on the different areas of our skin. Melanin is the substance which is actually responsible for declaring the skin color.  Usually, it is easier for the people to identify the formation of moles on shoulder, legs, and arms but when it comes to the scalp then, a patient is supposed to take proper assistance in order to identify the potential causes.

Although, moles are not always cancerous. However, the lack of information and lack of proper diagnosis could lead to several problems such as Scalp fungus which ultimately results in cancer. Because of the lack of proper analysis and on-time diagnosis, it is stated that Melanoma on Scalp is relatively dangerous and consists of a lower survival rate.


Major Categories of Melanoma:

The melanoma on the scalp is usually divided into the four major categories. Although, it’s hard for the normal people to understand the categories during the examination process. However, knowledge about these categories can help you in getting proper information about the treatment mechanism as well as the time period till which you are supposed to take the medications.

  • Superficial Spreading Melanoma

Superficial spreading melanoma is one of the most common types in the category. According to the recent survey, this melanoma is very common amongst the young people and accounts for around 70% of all the founded cases. If we dig deeper into the functionality of this melanoma then, it grows on the top layer of the skin and starts penetrating after some time.

If you are not sure about the formation of superficial spreading melanoma then, it usually consists of the slightly bumped and discolored patch which is usually asymmetrical in shape. This type of melanoma usually grows inside the mole. Some people might also detect a difference in color in the area such as different colors of red, brown and tan.

Superficial Melanoma can be found in any part of our body. However, women tend to develop it near arms and back.

  • Nodular Melanoma

Nodular Melanoma is invasive in nature and consists of the proper bump at the time of diagnosis. Nodular Melanoma tends to grow at the greater speed as compared to other melanoma in the category. Most of the people who complain about the melanoma on the scalp, usually get diagnosed with the nodular melanoma.

This type of melanoma tends to change its color and shape with the passing time. It is likely to become red after some time. If the mole at your scalp is continuously losing its color then, you might need to see your doctor as soon as possible.

  • Lentigo Malinga Melanoma

Lentigo Malinga Melanoma is not the common type of cancerous melanoma and not usually found in the people of younger age. This type of mole tends to get formed at the areas which are exposed to the sun for the longest period of time,

According to the research, athletes and sports people of older age are more at the risk of developing of Lentigo malinga melanoma.


How To Get The Hint About Melanoma?

Melanoma on scalp doesn’t appear instantly. As we have discussed, the formation of melanoma is a detailed procedure which is further followed by the pigmentation of the skin. If you want to avoid the chances of formation of Melanoma on your scalp then, follow the given routine.

  1. If you have a doubt that you are developing the melanoma on your scalp then, it’s a good idea to take help from someone near you. You should ask the person to rub a comb on your head and see whether the comb is running smoothly or the surface consists of the uneven surface.

If the surface is uneven then, you should ask the person about the condition of the skin in order to get the proper idea.

  1. Another technique which could help you in getting an idea about the Melanoma is called as the proper haircutting routine. It won’t be wrong to state that a proper and timely haircut could effectively help you in identifying the presence of a mole on your scalp. One should never forget the fact that the presence of a mole is just an initial stage. If you get successful in identifying it at the right time then, it will get excessively simpler to treat it.

Identification and right diagnosis are capable of saving a lot of lives because early diagnosis helps the doctor in crafting the strategies which can save the patients life without causing a lot of harm.

Symptoms of Melanoma on Scalp

The above described factors can help you in getting the proper hint about the presence of a mole on your scalp. However, in order to get the proper confirmation, you need to see whether the symptoms of the Melanoma are connected with the presence of a mole or not.

Some of the common symptoms which are usually associated with the melanoma on the scalp are described as follows:

If you have found the mole on your scalp which looks relatively unusual and is not backed by any past injury then, considers going the given checklist.

  • Check out the borders of the mole. If the borders are indistinct in formation then, it might be one of the symptoms of melanoma on the scalp
  • The shape of the melanoma is usually asymmetrical. It is not always round and it’s not always distributed. If the shape of the mole isn’t like a normal black hole then, get it checked.
  • The color of the mole also plays an important role. Since myelocytes tend to pigment the melanin, therefore, the mole affected by cancer tend to have the two distinct color. It is neither black nor red, the color is usually a reddish brown with some pores.
  • If the mole is continuously changing its shape and getting bigger day by day followed by the above-stated symptoms then, you need to see your doctor as soon as possible.
  • Moles which are non-cancerous and are not associated with melanoma are smaller in size and tend to get vanished with the passing time. If the mole on the scalp is larger than the normal pencil tip i.e. ¼ inch then, you might need to take an appointment with your doctor.

It is not important to understand that melanoma on the scalp is not always an indication of a tumor in the head. However, it might also be associated with the development of tumor on other parts of our body.

Prevention From The Melanoma on Scalp

If you have got diagnosed with the melanoma on the scalp then, it is expected that your doctor will put you on certain medications and will ask to take on some rays based treatment in order to reduce the chances of spreading.

However, there are certain measures which you are supposed to take yourself in order to speed up the overall treatment process. The recent survey states that people who get more exposed to the sun, tend to have higher chances of developing the superficial melanoma. According to the doctor’s opinion, the first prevention step is all about keeping the targeted skin safe from the scorching sun.

There are several ways through which you can protect your skin against sun and other factors which could contribute to the development of melanoma, some of the common yet effective strategies are shared as below.

  • It’s better to keep your head potentially free from the oil in order. Oily scalp leads to the malfunctioning in the skin which is further backed by the clogging of hair follicles
  • It’s better to cover your head with the cooling cloth or material in order to avoid the direct exposure to the sun.
  • If you cannot place any cloth then, try using the sun protection creams. The creams will help in controlling the ultraviolet lights to the greater extent.
  • Avoid using hair chemicals such as hairstyling creams because excessive use of chemicals might increase the chances of transforming the condition of melanoma in an adverse manner.

Risk Factors Associated with Melanoma

  • According to the survey, the people who have the fair skin are more exposed to the danger of developing the skin pigmentation which further leads to the formation of moles on the scalp. The people with fair skin consists of the lower quantity of UV radiations, which ultimately increases the chances of melanoma
  • People who have the past history of sunburn or family history of melanoma are also prone to the same kind of problem
  • Those people who have a lot of moles and unusual moles on their body are also exposed to the danger of developing the melanoma on the scalp or other parts of the body.


It gets totally difficult for the people to convince themselves of the fact that they are also prone to the chances of developing melanoma on the scalp. The only way through which you can reduce the chances of developing the substance is called as the proper examination at the right time. If you want to get rid of this problem then, we would recommend you to opt for the proper hair care routine where your hair and scalp are free from Dandruff, itchiness and other problems related to the hair

We hope that this information will help you in properly examining your hair and reducing the chances of melanoma on the scalp. Any thoughts? Don’t forget to share your experience and opinion with us by leaving your comments below.

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