The Tennessee Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (TACES) is the division of the Tennessee Counseling Association that represents counselor educators and supervisors in the state of Tennessee and is the state chapter of the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES).


The purpose of TACES is to foster the development and improvement of counselor education and supervision in the state of Tennessee and to provide an organization through which those engaged in these services can exchange ideas, seek solutions to common problems, stimulate their professional growth, and establish and improve standards of professional services.

TACES Leadership


Gina Frieden, Ph.D.
Program Director, Human Development Counseling
Vanderbilt University

Gina Frieden in PURPLE


Deborah Buchanan, Ph.D.
School Counseling Program Coordinator
Austin Peay State University


Melissa Fickling, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
The University of Memphis


Immediate Past-President

Stephanie Gotay, MRC, CRC, NCC
The University of Memphis


Megan Herscher Ph.D., NCC, LPC-MHSP
Program Coordinator, Clinical Mental Health Program
Carson-Newman University


Ginny Dansby, Ed.D., NCC
Coordinator, School Counseling Concentration
Middle Tennessee State University

Ginny Dansby

Committee Members

Awards Committee: Dr. Sandy Terneus (chair), Dr. Rebekah Byrd, & Dr. Ginny Dansby

Bylaws Committee: Dr. Rebekah Byrd (chair), Dr. Mike Bundy, Dr. Ginny Dansby, & Stephanie Gotay

Graduate Student Poster Committee: Stephanie Gotay (chair), Dr. Rebekah Byrd, Dr. Jeri Lee & Dr. Cassandra Pusateri. 

Membership Committee: Dr. Deborah Buchanan (chair)

Nomination Committee: Dr. Eva Gibson & Stephanie Gotay

Social Media Chair: Dr. Claire W. Dempsey

TCA Journal


For more information on the Tennessee Counseling Association Journal – www.tncounselors.org/tca-journal

A History of TACES Leadership

Past Presidents:

2015-2016   Stephanie Gotay

2014-2015   Dr. Rebekah Byrd

2013-2014   Dr. Christina Mick

2012-2013   Dr. Michelle Stevens

2011-2012   Dr. Carolyn Brewer

2010-2011   Dr. Jeffrey Freiden

2009-2010   Dr. LuAnnette Butler

2008-2009   Dr. Teah Moore

2007-2008   Dr. Kristi Gibbs

2006-2007   Dr. Jeannine Studer

2005-2006   Dr. Jan Turner

2003-2005   Dr. Robin Lee

2002-2003   Dr. Jennifer Adams

2000-2001   Dr. Chris Quarto

1998-2000   Dr. Gina Frieden

1997-1998   Dr. Nancy Nishimura

1996-1997   Dr. Ellen Slicker

1995-1996   Bill Poppin

1993-1994   Dr. Ginny Dansby

Other Past-Presidents:

Dr. Keith Carlson

Dr. Marla Peterson

Dr. Chuck Thompson

Dr. Larry DeRidder


Past Secretaries:

2013-2015   Dr. Sandy Terneus

2011-2013   Dr. Eva Gibson, M.S.

2009-2011   Dr. Shawn Spurgeon

2007-2009   Dr. Melinda Gibbons

2006-2007   Dr. Joel Diambra

2005-2006   Dr. Kristi Gibbs

2004-2005   Dr. Brenda Rambo


Past Treasurers:

2005-2016   Dr. Robin Lee

2004-2005   Dr. Brian Griffin


Past Journal Editors/Co-Editors:

Dr. Robin Lee

Dr. Nancy Nishimura

Dr. Ronnie Priest

Dr. Joel Diambra

Dr. Jeannine Studer