Spring 2017 Newsletter


TAMCD has engaged in various collaboratives with its members, and leaders of WTCA and TACF as detailed below:

  • Submitted a grant proposal to TCA’s Foundation (TACF) February 17, 2017, requesting an amount of $1100 for a TAMCD $ to $ match for funding multicultural training. TAMCD was later awarded an amount of $550.
  • Strategic Planning meeting March 11, 2017
  • On March 14, an amended grant proposal was submitted to TACF
  • Submitted proposals for breakout sessions at WTCA’ summer conference
  • Consulted with the Education Director at the National Civil Rights Museum
  • Submitted minutes of meeting, Strategic Plan and Bylaws to membership and the web coordinator
  • Re-confirmed dates with speaker for multicultural training
  • Confirmed with TAMCD’s Leadership and WTCA’s Summer Conference Coordinator the date and time for TAMCD’s Pre-con


Please join TAMCD in commending Dr. Audrey Elion for representing TCA and TAMCD at ACA’s Annual Conference in California this month. She, too, models strong leadership, compassion for the profession, and aspiration to effect change. According to AMCD’s agenda, Dr. Elion moderated and participated in the Town Hall Meeting with several other leading national experts in various fields of the counseling profession. They discussed several issues regarding multiculturalism and advocacy for marginalized groups as well as AMCD’s efforts over the past year. Their topic was “Marginalized in America: The State of the Minority Community and Our Role in the Counseling Profession.”  Congratulations!  And thank you for your national engagement.

Confirmed Emerging Leaders* for LDI

Several individuals have expressed an interest in serving as leaders in TAMCD’s division. They are

*Chemyeeka Tumblin, Web Site Coordinator  Program Specialist II   Nashville, TN

*Ann Marie Allen, Parliamentarian   Prof School Counselor     Millington, TN

*Monica Coleman, Treasurer    Graduate Student, U of M      Memphis, TN

*Carol Mott-Miller, Secretary    Prof School Counselor     Memphis, TN

*Dr. Jeffrey Taylor, President Elect-Elect   Prof School Counselor    Memphis, TN

Tiffany Hilson, President Elect (July 1)   Mental Health Coordinator   Memphis, TN

Dr. Hattie Isen, President (July 1)    Adjunct Faculty, FHU   Memphis, TN

In an earlier memo from President Kat Coy, as she prepared for a Leadership Call, she stress the need to attract, develop, and maintain members.  Development is one of the values of participating in professional organizations.  This engagement enhances our professional leadership, informs our counseling collaborative practices, and strengthens our service delivery to a wide array of diversities – while serving as therapeutic networking connections or “healthy get-aways.”

In the up-coming TAMCD meeting, it will be recommended that TAMCD sponsor two emerging leaders, with TCA sponsoring the president and president elect.

Up-coming Events

President Kat Coy’s Leadership Call Meeting       April 2, 2017

TAMCD’s Quarterly Meeting      April 21, 2017     Go-to-Meeting

TAMCD/WTCA Pre-con     June 9, 2017    3:00 – 6:00 p.m.

WTCA’s Summer Conference    June 10, 2017     7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

TCA’s Leadership Development Training    July 21 – 23, 2017   Murfreesboro, TN