Strategic Plan


Tennessee Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (TAMCD)



Mission Statement

To build membership, strengthen leadership, and advance multicultural and social justice counseling competencies across the state.



Vision Statement

Multicultural competent leaders, school and practicing professional counselors successfully connecting with and serving clients with diverse worldviews.




Goal One: Increase membership for a sustaining future.

Goal Two: Strengthen the division’s governance and leadership.

Goal Three: Build awareness of TAMCD and the Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies (MSJCC).

Goal Four: Strengthen multicultural competent leaders and counselors across the state.




Goal One: Increase the organization’s membership for a bright, sustaining future.

  • Objective: Current leadership and members recruit and seek to retain at least 30 new members per

Strategies and Action Steps

Recruit new leadership to serve as officers through personal contact and social media with a general TAMCD invitation. This invitation could include the mission, some benefits, events, and history about the division.  Seek potential members whose goals are to grow professionally and who have a passion for TAMCD’s mission.

  1. Develop and send ten invitations to prospective members quarterly.
  2. Follow-up within two weeks on the status of the invitation.
  3. Recruit prospects who demonstrate a willingness to lead (emergent leaders).
  4. Identify TAMCD’s opened or upcoming positions during collaborations and post same on the website.
  5. Collaborate about TCA’ annual Leadership Development Institute and           its purpose.



Goal Two: Strengthen the division’s governance and leadership

  • Objective: Build division awareness, leadership and professional growth opportunities.

 Strategies and Action

Encourage attendance at local and state chapter and division sponsored events, including attendance at the annual state conferences.

  1. Post and maintain current events via newsletters, reports and minutes of meetings on the website.
  2. Provide orientation for new members at TAMCD’s annual meeting, including a welcome certificate, and through on-going collaboration.

Refer members to the Bylaws for matters of conducting business of the division. Confirm roles and responsibilities of officers (prior to elections) and at the initial quarterly meeting for the fiscal year.

  1. Describe officers’ responsibilities.
  2. Encourage 100% commitment of responsibilities to lead and maintain membership.

Develop “elevator speech” about the division so that members can speak to prospective members easily and confidently.

  1. Create and ensure that TAMCD’s abbreviated story is part of a publication, a three year tri-fold flyer, highlighting TAMCD’s mission, goals, officers, membership benefits, major activities, etc.
  2. Describe and practice the mission statement at orientation and at annual meetings.

Strategies and Action Steps

Strengthen leadership skills and services.

  1. Attend and participate in annual conference, governing council meetings, LDI, division meetings and other TAMCD training events.
  2. Take the lead in recruiting emergent leaders and encouraging attendance at LDI.



Goal Three: Build awareness of TAMCD and the Multicultural Social Justice Counseling Competencies.

  • Objective: Identify TAMCD’s mission, goals, major events and benefits to members and constituencies.

Strategies and Action Steps

All current and potential members of TAMCD should study the website. Pertinent information should be included in all orientations and recruitment efforts.

  1. Study TAMCD’s website and encourage potential members to do likewise to ensure that they make informed decisions about life-long membership.
  2. Maintain a postcard-sized recruitment tool to share with prospects to include TAMCD’s mission, vision, goals, benefits, and website address.


  • Objective: Describe the purpose for and components of the new Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies (MSJCC).

                Strategies and Action Steps

Plan a series of workshops to study and raise awareness of the revised MSJCC to reach a significant number of school counselors across the state.  Market the events well to ensure that the accomplishment of goal.

  1. Raise awareness of MSJCC through collaborations and networking at counseling related-events, conferences and workshop.
  2. Host a series of webinars and teleconferences on MSJCC with the assistance of the web coordinator and AMCD consultants to reach a larger audience across the state.



Goal Four: Strengthen multicultural competent counselors across the state.

  • Objective: Plan and implement local and state workshops on the various components of the MSJCC, from 1) counselor’s self-awareness to 2) client worldview, 3) counseling relationships to 4) counseling advocacy and interventions.

                          Strategies and Action Steps

In collaboration with TAMCD’s colleagues and during committee meetings, identify specific plans for accomplishing objective across three years.

  1. Kickoff the MSJCC training with a spring summit in May of 2017.
  2. Meet and confirm TAMCD (and possible guest) presenters for at least two proposed workshops for WTCA’s summer conference in June of 2017, with one to address counselor’s self-awareness.
  3. Recruit a MSJCC trainer for a half day pre-con during TCA’s 2017 Annual Conference on counselor’s self-awareness (1st praxis) and client worldview (2nd praxis).
  4. Plan a proposed workshop to present at WTCA’s summer conference in June 2018 on counseling relationships, the third praxis of the MSJCC.
  5. In collaboration with TAMCD colleagues, recruit a trainer for TCA’s pre-con in 2018 to address counseling advocacy and interventions, the 4th praxis.
  6. In collaboration with the Executive Council, with Vice Presidents of Multicultural-Multiethnic Members of the Executive Council taking the lead, plan a conference for spring of 2019 to strengthen understanding of the multicultural and multiethnic populations served in schools and communities across the state.
  7. Support the plan and implementation of a successful multicultural conference described in item 5.


  • Objective: Build TAMCD’s capacity to participate in required training and to grow professionally for strengthening the impact on schools and clients.

To support the work of TAMCD in accomplishing its mission, solicit sponsors and volunteers.

  1. Solicit sponsors or tour companies for transporting members to LDI and TCA conference.
  2. Solicit sponsors for funding professional consultants to provide the MSJCC training and the final multicultural awareness conference for schools and the community in 2019.
  3. Write grant proposal to submit to TCAF for emergent leaders’ recruitment, and aspiration seminars for participation in the LDI.



Hattie Isen, Communicator