Summer 2017 Newsletter


Several activities have occurred since the last newsletter, resulting in a successful Pre-Con to WTCA’s 6th Annual Summer Conference.  They include:

  • Additional collaboration with leaders of TAMCD, WTCA and TCAF concerning an amendment to the original grant application was completed and submitted to TCAF.            As a result, TCAF awarded TAMCD another grant of $550 to help support the AMCD’s Multicultural Social Justice Counseling Competencies summer and fall training.
  • TAMCD’s Quarterly (Zoom) Meeting was held.
  • The Bylaws and 3-Year Plan was submitted for uploading on the web site.
  • A Pre-Con to WTCA 6th Annual Summer Conference.

TAMCD wishes to express its gratitude to Dr. S. Kent Butler for the awesome and professional pre-con training he provided.  Commendations continue concerning his friendly approach, sensitivity to audience needs, valuable content, and audience engagement.  Another thank you is extended to TCAF and WTCA for helping to make this training possible.

TAMCD was delighted to have representation in the pre-con from Millington Public Schools, Bartlett Public Schools, Germantown Public Schools, Arlington Public Schools              (I think), Shelby County Schools, Metro Nashville Public Schools, Aspire and Gestalt Charter Schools, and Behavioral Health Agencies.  Social Workers, Mental Health Practitioners, and teachers were among Professional School Counselors, Counselor Educators and college level Student Support and Personnel Services participants.

  • Workshops at WTCA 6th Annual Summer Conference.


  • An amendment to goal four of the three year plan was completed to reflect recent collaborations, shared with TAMCD’s leadership and briefly discussed with trainer, Dr. S. Kent Butler, and treasurer, Monica Coleman during lunch. Butler concurred with the amendment (See below).


Objective:  Plan and implement local and state workshops on the various components of the MSJCC, from 1) counselor’s self-awareness to 2) client worldview, 3) counseling relationships to 4) counseling advocacy and interventions.

               Strategies and Action Steps

In collaboration with TAMCD’s colleagues and during committee meetings, identify specific plans for accomplishing objective across three years.

Seek grant opportunities from Tennessee Counseling Association Foundation to build

membership and support the MSJCC training as described below:

  • Partner with the leadership of WTCA for presenting a pre-con at the 2017 Annual Summer Conference (Accomplished).
  • Partner with the leadership of TCA for presenting a pre-con at the 2017 Annual State Conference in the fall (possibly for a full day).
  • Partner with the leadership of WTCA for presenting a pre-con at the 2018 Annual Summer Conference.
  • Partner with the leadership of TCA for presenting a pre-con at the 2018 Annual State Conference in the fall.
  • Partner with the leadership of WTCA for presenting a final pre-con at the 2019 Annual Summer Conference.
  • In collaboration with AMCD, plan and host two Webinars on the MSJCC and/or related advocacy efforts to reach more counselors across the state.


TAMCD’s awards committee chair and others are keeping a close eye on members whose engagements go “above and beyond” expectations to possibly be honored at the annual fall conference.

4 Confirmed Emerging Leaders for Leadership Development

Several individuals have expressed an interest in serving as leaders in TAMCD’s division and have been confirmed.  The *four listed below re-confirmed last week participation in LDI in July.

*Chemyeeka Tumblin, Graduate Student Representative and Web Site Coordinator (Program Specialist II, Metro Nashville, TN), will be sponsored by TAMCD.

*Ann Marie Allen, Parliamentarian (Prof School Counselor, Millington Public Schools, Millington, TN), will be sponsored by TAMCD.

*Monica Coleman, Treasurer (Graduate Student, U of M, Memphis, TN), will be sponsored by TCA.

*Carol Mott-Miller, Secretary (Prof School Counselor, W.E.B. Dubois Leadership and Public Policy High School,  Memphis, TN), will be sponsored by TCA.

Dr. Hattie Isen, President (July 1) and Chair of the Awards Committee, will be sponsored by WTCA.

Dr. Audrey Elion, Regional Representative and Chair of the Bylaws Committee will be the proxy for President Elect Tiffany Hilson (July 1).  Tiffany is also Chair of the Membership Committee.  Dr. Elion will be sponsored by TCA.

Up-coming Events

Leadership Development Institute, July 21, 1:00 p.m. – July 23, 12:00 n, Murfreesboro, TN

TCA 60th Annual Conference, Nov. 8 – 11, 2017, Nashville Airport Marriott, Nashville, TN

TAMCD Pre-Con at TCA 60th Annual Conference Nov. 8, 2017