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Dear Professional Colleagues,


Welcome to the 2017-2018 fiscal year!


Tennessee Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (TAMCD) is blessed to have the national association as a framework and foundation.  The Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (AMCD) has been a source of inspiration as well as a source of direction for the work of TAMCD.


Reflections over a few decades reveals strengths and struggles.  Strengths that engaged us in conversations, workshops, and conferences on inclusion, equity, diversity, and cross-cultural understandings, etc., but they were not often enough to positively impact the diverse population of students we serve and to effect change among leaders and policy makers.  As a result, our institutions – schools, businesses, corporations, social and governmental agencies still struggle with providing equal access to opportunities and services, and individuals being understood, valued and appreciated for their ethnic or cultural contributions.


We are fortunate to have the framework that AMCD has provided through its revision of the Multicultural Counseling Competencies. It is an excellent tool to begin examining where we are and desire to be to embrace all groups without regards to demographics.


As TAMCD moves forward, plans are to partner with TCA, WTCA, and possibly other regions over the next few years for hosting pre-conferences for strengthening multicultural understandings and counseling competencies, and just communities across the state.

Most sincerely yours,

Hattie G. Isen, Ph.D.


Our History

Sponsored by TAMCD.

AMCD, formerly known as the Association for Non-White Concerns (ANWC) in Personnel and Guidance, was founded at the national level in 1972 as a division of APGA). TANWC was founded around 1973 as a division of TPGA. In 1991, the name was changed from Association for Non-White Concerns to Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development, AMCD, with the state division as TAMCD.


Sponsored by TAMCD.

Goal Four: Strengthen multicultural competent counselors across the state.

Objective: Plan and implement local and state workshops on the various components of the MSJCC, from 1) counselor’s self-awareness to 2) client worldview, 3) counseling relationships to 4) counseling advocacy and interventions.

By Laws

Sponsored by TAMCD.

Click below to view the by laws of the Tennessee Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development.

Our Leaders

Past-President O’Kessa Edwards, W.E.B. DuBois Prep Academy
President Hattie Isen, Ph.D., Art for Life’s Sake, Inc.
President-Elect Tiffany Hilson, Shelby County Government
President Elect-Elect Jeffrey Taylor, Ph.D., Shelby County Schools
Secretary Carol Mott-Miller, W.E.B. DuBois Leadership and Public Policy High School
Treasurer Monica Coleman, Graduate Student, University of Memphis

Our Standing Committees


Chemyeeka Tumblin*

Patricia Hawkins

Diana Nash

Okessa Edwards

Katrina Freeman



Dr. Audrey Elion*

Sonja Sanes

Tiffany Hilson

Mary Brignole

Dr. Hattie Isen

Rodney Smith


Strategic Planning/Prof. Development:

Dr. Jeffrey Taylor*

Amanda Billups-Smith

Virginia Falvey

Mary Brignole

Bridgitt Atkins

Okessa Edwards

Dr. Hattie Isen



Tiffany Hilson*

Patricia Hawkins

Kristy Hammond



Sonja Sanes*

Dr. Audrey Elion

Dr. Jeffrey Taylor

Our Executive Council

President: Hattie Isen, Ph.D.

President-Elect: Tiffany Hilson

Immediate Past-President: O’Kessa Edwards

Governing Council Representative: Mary Brignole


Vice Presidents:

African American Concerns: Roosevelt Faulkner

Asian-American/Pacific Islander Concerns: Pengfei Yao

Native American Concerns: Butch Mudbone

Regional Representative: Dr. Audrey Elion

Graduate Student Representative: Chemyeeka Tumblin


Appointed Positions:

Treasurer: Monica Coleman Secretary: Carol Mott-Miller Parliamentarian: Julia Cole Publications/Website/Editors: Dr. Jeffrey Taylor, Sonja Sanes, Dr. Audrey Elion, Chemyeeka Tumblin


Standing Committee Chairs:

Conference Committee: Mary Brignole Strategic Planning Committee: Dr. Jeffrey Taylor Bylaws Committee: Dr. Audrey Elion Membership Committee: Tiffany Hilson Awards Committee: Dr. Hattie Isen

Strategic Plan


Membership Campaign 


Join TAMCD to help build multicultural informed and supportive schools, social agencies, and communities in Tennessee. TAMCD’s 3 Year Plan includes multicultural professional development and webinars – your passport to becoming a multicultural competent counselor, teacher, administrator, social worker, therapist, pastor, or other community stake-holder.


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