Group Worker Highlight – Patricia Smith

TASGW is interested in all avenues of group work, and would like to extend an invitation to all interested members and group workers to share their experiences and ideas to be included in the Group Worker Highlight.  This may lead to a wonderful way of networking among group workers.

Patricia (Trish) Smith, Ed.S, LPC/MHSP, CPS II, has been active as a group worker for many years, specifically, facilitating groups with the criminal justice population.  “I do sex offender treatment, anger/violence control and redirecting criminal thinking.  I have undergraduate degrees in criminal justice and sociology, which lead to my interest into the field of Corrections.  I also have 21 years’ experience working in an adult male medium security prison where I directed the mental health treatment programs.”  Trish has numerous hours of specialized training in sex offender treatment, criminal thinking errors, and violence prevention.  In regards to passing along Words of Wisdom to other group workers, Trish’s advice is to consider jobs outside the normal counseling center box and consider jobs like in adult or juvenile correctional settings.  Mrs. Smith currently works at TN Tech University as the Counseling Center Director. 

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