The 2016-2017 school year is going to be an exciting one for School Counselors across the state of TN. Our State Coordinator of School Counseling, Leigh Bagwell, will be presenting to the BOE for approval, a revised and updated TN Model for Comprehensive School Counseling. (Sign up for Updates) This model will provide all School Counselors across the state with the framework and resources for best practices. TSCA will also be looking at proposing updated language regarding School Counselors and our scope of work with regard to Tennessee Code Annotated.

As exciting as these developments may be, the reality is that new models and revised codes means change. Change can often times create stress reactions in everyone and this is often true in the field of education. My hope for School Counselors across the State of TN in 2016-2017, is that we endeavor to embrace this stress as a necessary element for growth and strength. Let me share a lesson learned from Biosphere 2…

Biosphere 2 was a scientific project that occurred in the 1990’s in Oracle, AZ. Many lessons were learned from this experiment, but one that resonates with me is the importance of wind in the growth and maturity of trees. In the contained atmosphere of the dome, trees grew rapidly. But as they reached maturity they would topple over and collapse. Scientists discovered that the lack of wind prevented the growth of something called “stress wood”. This layer of wood enables the tree to survive by allowing it to bend and shape itself into the best position to receive resources. In the absence of wind, the trees were not able to carry the burden of their growth.

Let us use the winds of change this year to strengthen our work, so that we may best serve our stakeholders and ourselves. TSCA is here to support the work and well-being of all School Counselors in TN. We hope you will join us!



Lauren Baker

TSCA President 16-17


2016-2017 TSCA Executive Board

Lauren Baker, President
Dr. Joshua Stanley, President-Elect
Dr. Chloe Lancaster, President-Elect-Elect
Blair Mynatt, Past-President/Awards Chair
Patricia King, Treasurer
Tammy Felix, Secretary
Johnathan Williams, Ethics Chair
Laura Filtness, Social Media Chair

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