Proud to Announce the TSCA 2016 School Counselors of the Year!



TSCA Honors our Administrators of the Year!


At this year’s School Counselor & Administrator Leadership Institute, TSCA honored three Administrators of the Year. The criteria for selection was based on the Administrator’s advocacy for the role of the School Counselor as well as dedication to the well-being of all students.

Elementary School Administrator of the Year

Rhonda Kennedy – Barkers Mill Elementary (Clarksville, TN)

“Mrs. Kennedy has taken a particular interest in addressing the social/emotional and behavior well-being of all students in her care. To support the unique needs of students in her school, she has supported the school counselors in addressing both social/emotional and behavioral needs through individual and small group counseling despite a district focus on academic intervention… She encourages and empowers her school counselors to implement a comprehensive program, knowing these services will support academic achievement and development for her students.”

Joshua L. Stanley, EdD, NCC

Middle School Administrator of the Year

Liz Dias – Houston Middle School (Germantown, TN)

“In order to achieve the vision of student-focused instruction, Mrs. Dias displays a collaborative leadership style that gives all stakeholders decision making input… School Counselors are esteemed and respected as part of the overall school leadership and there is an ongoing partnership between the principal and school counselors to identify needs, set goals and evaluate results. This partnership led to Houston Middle School receiving the Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) Award at the 2016 ASCA National Conference.”

Carla Christian, MEd

High School Administrator of the Year 

Dickie Sompayrac – Knoxville Catholic High School (Knoxville, TN)

“I have always known that Mr. Sompayrac was a great leader of our school, an advocate for the counseling department, and ultimately for student success. From keeping counselor to student ratios to 1:180 by hiring an additional counselor, to supporting classroom time for the school counselors and finally by saving the Student Assistance Program (SAP) for the school when the funds that typically supported this program became unavailable, Mr. Sompayrac proves his dedication to his students and staff through his actions. I am very thankful for the opportunity to pause and thank someone who is doing the right thing, not for the glory or recognition, but for the outcome he probably won’t get credit for in the long run.”

Kat Coy, MS

Melinda Kirk, MEd

Chris Morgan, MA