TSCA News: Spring 2017

College & Career: Preparing K-12

President’s Message:  Remember Your “Why”
Driving Forward

Addressing Career Development through Technology Literacy

Most digital natives lack the skills they’ll need with work-based tech tools and tech safety, but school counselors can help.

Crayons to Careers: A K-12 Approach to College and Career Readiness

From fifth-grade job matches to administrator training to supporting first-generation students, one district is jump-starting their students’ college and career readiness.

Promoting Success for Pregnant Teens and Teen Mothers

Group work can build college and career readiness among teens whose futures face many risks.

College and Career Readiness of Student Athletes

“Who are you without the ball?” A school counselor helps student athletes see their big picture.

Concurrent Enrollment: Linking College Dual Credit to High School Completion

How can dual credit classes support student success? Parent education is one piece of the puzzle.

Top Occupations, 2014-24

See where the jobs are headed with data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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